Virtual Round Table

Navigating "Normal" Now

Discouraged, disengaged, and dead tired are words that could describe many of us right now. Grappling with a global pandemic on top of the stress of modern life has taken a toll on most young people, and, despite our own exhaustion, we know that youth need us more than ever. How can we seek to understand what they’re dealing with? What can we do to reach them despite our disconnection?

Join other youth leaders on October 16 for a candid discussion about Gen Z and to encourage each other. Learn more about what makes this younger generation unique and about the ways they’ve been profoundly affected by recent events. We’ll discuss practical ways to reach them where they’re at, pray for them, and bless them in these unprecedented times.      

About the facilitator

Cassie Moore is an author, speaker, and Director of Next Gen Ministries at St. Mark Lutheran Church & School in Houston, Texas. She’s author of “Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk about Working with Kids, Teens & In-Betweens”, contributor for “Connected for Life: Essential Guide to Youth Ministry”, and an upcoming historical fiction series. She’s published over 80 articles on youth and culture, in addition to freelance curriculum writing. She grew up in Illinois & Minnesota, has a degree from Concordia University in Irvine, California, has worked on national & district youth gatherings, and enjoys speaking nationally. She loves travel & talking to strangers. She and her husband, Pastor Tyler, have two dogs. Connect with her at or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @DCECassie