Meet The Committee


Lisa Olding
Meet the 2021 NYG committee co-chair, Lisa Olding!
In addition to being the committee co-chair, Lisa is a wife, mom, teacher, and church worker! She has been involved with youth gatherings since 2001, when she came as a +1 with a group of youth from Victoria, BC, where she was attending university and working at the church. Since then, she hasn’t missed an NYG. Her roles have included helping with encouragement, running the +1 Leaders Lounge, stage manager, and most recently co-chair for the 2019 NYG in Langley. When not working or volunteering, Lisa enjoys reading, singing, skiing, and bike riding with her family, and going to Highland games to watch her children dance and drum.
She's looking forward to seeing you all in Winnipeg next July!
Pastor Glenn Worcester

Meet the other NYG committee co-chair, Pastor Glenn Worcester! Since 2012, Pastor Glenn has been serving the people of Peace Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, and been serving on various Youth Gathering committees as well, including the last time the NYG was in Winnipeg. His first experience with LCC Youth Gatherings was the 2007 NYG in Ottawa when he was just a vicar (at Immanuel Lutheran in Lethbridge). There he met his future wife, Andrea, and they have been married for 11 years and have two very lovely, occasionally unpleasant children; Micah (3, born on the first day of the 2016 NYG), and Ivy (1). He also enjoys playing most sports and games, music, and adding to his collection of board games no one’s ever played (or heard of) before. He’s looking forward to seeing everyone in his backyard at the next NYG!

Pastor Eric Moffett
Committee Member / Speaker

The NYG committee is very pleased to announce that our main speaker for 2021 is Pastor Eric Moffett

Pastor Eric is the Associate Pastor at Foothills Lutheran Church in Calgary, where he spends half of his time on the university campus interacting with students. He’s been involved with youth gatherings since he was a youth himself (no comment on how long it's been since then), and is on two gathering planning committees. He enjoys playing board games with his lovely wife, has terrible taste in music, loves sports, and knows some real bad dad jokes. Originally from Kitchener, he’s a CREW Ministries alum, has a music degree from Concordia Edmonton, and was ordained and installed at Foothills in 2015. UofC campus outreach, youth ministry, and music are some of his greatest joys as part of his work there.

Michelle Heumann
Committee Member

Meet our committee member Michelle! Michelle Heumann's first LCC youth gathering was the 2004 NYG in Brandon, and she's been involved in gatherings ever since! The Lutheran community had a big impact on her life, and not much makes her happier than sharing that with others! When she's not busy organizing youth retreats, she just finds other things to organize instead, but gatherings are her favourite. Michelle lives in Calgary, where she's a youth leader at Foothills Lutheran, a freelance editor (the Canadian Lutheran is one of her clients), and co-chair of the IMPACT Youth Gathering, among other things. She's excited to be on the NYG committee for the first time, and will be the stage manager for the awesome IN NOT OF main session team. She's also involved with the social media and communications side of the NYG! If you've never been to a gathering before, she would really like you to come and be part of the community!

Thanks, Michelle!

Josh Gajdos
Committee Member

Meet committee member Josh Gajdos! He is very excited to help plan the next NYG, and especially happy to do so beside his wife of three years, Erika. He is an accountant in London, Ontario, and pastor’s kid who has lived in Victoria, Calgary, Burlington, and Kitchener. He enjoys sports and competition with his 5 brothers, cooking, and playing the trumpet in church. Josh is passionate about his faith in his Saviour, Jesus Christ. He finds comfort knowing that whatever may befall him in his earthly citizenship, through Baptism, he has the certainty of eternal heavenly citizenship with his living Redeemer.
Josh’s first gathering was 2019 when he attended as an iBod. He was an active member of his youth group and has served Christ’s church in various capacities including as a Youth Bible Study leader, a member of the East District Communications Committee, a board member of the Lutheran Laymen's League,  and in various roles for the last 8 years on the board for the East District Lutheran Young Adults. Josh hopes to see many new and familiar faces at the next gathering.

Pastor David Haberstock

Meet our NYG Chaplain! Pastor David Haberstock lives in Regina with his wife, Lise, and daughter, Rebekah. He currently serves as the Central Regional Pastor of Lutheran Church—Canada, and has served churches in Thunder Bay and Regina. These days he enjoys bouncing on the trampoline with Rebekah, reading and watching epic fantasy, studying the Bible in Greek, singing, and playing guitar and piano. Last millennium, back when he was a long-haired hippy, he toured with Crew Ministries as part of “Unchained.” At the turn of the millennium, he shaved his head, and dropped out of life for a year to travel around the world. He has wrestled with bouts of depression, and recently with anxiety. The most important thing to him outside of his family, is that he knows Jesus purchased and won him from all sin, from death, from the power of the devil with His holy, precious blood and innocent suffering and death, and that Dave is certain of this because he is baptized!

Erika Schroth-Gajdos

Meet Erika Schroth-Gajdos, our NYG registrar! Working in investor relations and marketing, Erika loves interacting with people! Need any NYG materials or have registration questions? Erika’s your girl, reach out to her at

Erika also works remotely as the Administrative Manager for Pioneer on the Lake (formerly Pioneer Camp and Retreat Center). Erika has made so many dear Lutheran friendships over the years at this camp….including her husband Joshua, who is also on the committee with her!
Erika attended her first NYG in 2013, which was also at the University of Winnipeg. She is excited to go back and make it a memorable experience for more youth!
Erika enjoys games, sports, goofing around, teasing her family and hanging out with other young adults.
Erika is also the Secretary for EDLYA, the East Region young adults’ group, and is excited to see how young adults can be more involved in the NYG.
Come meet Erika and all the other committee members in Winnipeg!

Rhonda Kelman
Meet Committee Member Rhonda Kelman!
Rhonda's first National Youth Gathering was in Langley BC in 2019, where she was able to be a small group Bible Study leader, a breakout session speaker, and an exhibitor for the BC Mission Boat Society.
As a teen, Rhonda loved attending youth retreats and gatherings where she had fun and was able to grow in her faith and her passion for missions.
Living in Courtenay BC, Rhonda is the Executive Director for the BC Mission Boat Society. She loves travelling to remote First Nations communities to share God’s love and to encourage and support others in their faith.
When she is not travelling into mission communities, she is usually travelling to places all across Canada sharing about what God is doing through the BC Mission Boat Society.
She loves spending her free time with family and friends, playing board games, exploring new places, going on random road trips, geocaching, camping, fishing and painting.
Rhonda can’t wait to be in Winnipeg with everyone!
She knows that It is a lot to step outside your comfort zone and attend a National Youth Gathering, but she wants to assure you that you won’t want to leave by the end of it!
Her hope is that this next National Youth Gathering will be filled with fellowship, fun, and be a time to grow in your faith!
Bill Wardekker
Meet committee member Bill Wardekker! Bill wants to live in a world filled with people whose focus is on heaven. It’s been his mission to trigger a God-pleasing life and to love one another as He loved us first.
Bill was a youth leader at Peace Lutheran in Winnipeg for 15 years, and had been on National Youth Gathering committees since 2004. He was involved in the planning but missed the 2016 the 2019 NYGs. Bill was also involved with CREW Ministries, and is a drummer for the praise band at Peace Lutheran.
In 2010 and 2015, Bill went to New Orleans, Louisiana, with a team from his church to help rebuild homes and lives after Hurricane Katrina.
When Bill is not busy with his family (two daughters and two grandkids), he enjoys riding his motorcycle, going fishing, and hunting. Bill enjoys spending time at the cottage with his wife Kathy, and puppy Stuart, relaxing and boating and fishing together.
Nathan Vaughan
Madison Bouwman
Meet Madison!
Madison is our very skilled committee member in charge of sound, lights and so much more.
Madison works as a 4th level apprentice electrician, soon to be a journeyperson!
Her first gathering was in 2007 in Ottawa. She joined the committee in 2013 and has been a vital part of it ever since.
Madison attends Peace Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, where she helps out with audio and video production as well as upkeep.
Madison just bought a house and has been busy doing renovations. She enjoys renovation projects and helps out family and friends with their own as well. She also enjoys soccer, curling, camping, and spending time with family and friends.
Say hello to Madison!
Meet our committee member Phil!
Phil is the iBod coordinator which means he’s in charge of the volunteers that help run the youth gathering. Phil has been involved in youth gatherings...well...almost forever! “Way back when”, he attended as a youth, before internet or cell phones! He did a few gatherings as a youth leader from his church, and then back in ‘95, he became the MC for the NYG in Three Hills, Alberta! Since then he has held roles as a stage assistant, a volunteer, and a planning committee member, and has been working with the iBods for the last 5 gatherings.
Phil has a youthful energy and loves to work with teenagers, to see them grow in the love of God and in faith. In his spare time, he is a high school teacher, coach, and referee.
Meet Phil at the next NYG!