Meet the Presenters


Pastor Eric Moffett
Main Speaker

The NYG committee is very pleased to announce that our main speaker for 2021 is Pastor Eric Moffett. 

Pastor Eric is the Associate Pastor at Foothills Lutheran Church in Calgary, where he spends half of his time on the university campus interacting with students. He’s been involved with youth gatherings since he was a youth himself (no comment on how long it's been since then), and is on two gathering planning committees. He enjoys playing board games with his lovely wife, has terrible taste in music, loves sports, and knows some real bad dad jokes. Originally from Kitchener, he’s a CREW Ministries alum, has a music degree from Concordia Edmonton, and was ordained and installed at Foothills in 2015. UofC campus outreach, youth ministry, and music are some of his greatest joys as part of his work there.

Cassie Moore
Guest Speaker

Cassie Moore is an author, speaker, and Director of Next Gen Ministries at St. Mark Lutheran Church & School in Houston, Texas. She’s author of “Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk about Working with Kids, Teens & In-Betweens”, contributor for “Connected for Life: Essential Guide to Youth Ministry”, and an upcoming historical fiction series. She's published over 80 articles on youth and culture, in addition to freelance curriculum writing. She grew up in Illinois & Minnesota, has a degree from Concordia University in Irvine, California, has worked on national & district youth gatherings, and enjoys speaking nationally. She loves travel & talking to strangers. She and her husband, Pastor Tyler, have two dogs. Connect with her at

Pastor Scott Gamble
Main Stage Drama
Skits and drama have traditionally been a key part of NYG main sessions, and our chaplain from the 2016 and 2019 NYGs, Pastor Scott Gamble, is doing our main session skits for the 2022 NYG! He will use drama and humour to help us explore the theme of IN NOT OF.
Pastor Scott lives in Drumheller, Alberta, with his wife and kids and a pandemic dog named Luna (but he was baking bread before it was cool). He loves drama, literature, art, and music, and regularly imagines he has some credible skill to create any and all of those things. Mostly he just makes dad jokes and overly long sermons. If you ask his mom, she thinks he's really great, and Jesus likes him, too. He's been around youth gatherings for a while, and he'll probably be at some more. Some of his dearest friends, mentors, and family are people he met at gatherings, and he hopes that you too will build relationships and community through the NYG.
Pastor Scott Brayall

The 2010 NYG in Edmonton was Pastor Scott's first youth gathering experience, and since then he's been getting his hands dirty in all sorts of gathering roles; iBod, co-MC, IMPACT chaplain, and now MC for the 2022 NYG. He's currently one of the pastors at Faith Lutheran Church in Grande Prairie, Alberta, and when he's not pastoring he's likely eating wings, playing board and card games (Codenames or hearts, anyone?), or drinking coffee with his wife, Becky. For the last few months, Faith has been livestreaming daily devotions on their Facebook page, and you can usually catch Pastor Scott on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. He's looking forward to seeing you in Winnipeg in 2022!